How to Choose a Truck Driving School

Truck Driver TrainingWith more than 70% of the nation’s economy relying on truck delivery, pursuing a career as a professionally trained truck driver certainly has many rewards. Excellent pay and benefits, bonuses, a flexible schedule, change of scenery, and job security are just a few of the many perks to having a career as a professional truck driver. Many companies are willing to pay a substantially higher amount to well-trained, safe, reliable drivers. Choosing the proper truck driving school to fit your budget and needs can be crucial to the success of your future in this growing field.

CDL Truck Driver Training: Company Sponsored vs. Private

To begin your career, you will first need to obtain a commercial driver’s license, also referred to as a CDL. The two options for earning a CDL are through company sponsored training, or by attending a private truck driving school. Company sponsored training offers the advantage of having a truck driving company pay for CDL training at a school of their choice. These companies pay for your training as part of an agreement that you will work for them after your program completion. This option is great for those that want a job waiting for them after graduation. Choosing the option of attending a private truck driver training school offers the benefit of selecting any school you desire. There is also the added benefit of having the freedom to work for any company you want after you graduate. The downside to choosing a private truck driver training school is that these schools will require that you pay the full tuition before beginning the program. Most students fulfill this requirement through loans and grants. The private truck driver training school option also means that you will not have a job waiting for you after graduation, so be prepared to take the responsibility of searching the job market. Most companies prefer to hire a driver with at least 1 year of on-the-road experience.

Important Factors When Choosing Your Own CDL Truck Driver Training

If attending a private truck driving school best fits your budget and needs, there are many questions to consider when it pertains to finding a quality experience. First, examine your schedule and decide if you would like to attend full-time or part-time. A full-time education will mean that you can finish the program faster, and begin working sooner. Once you have decided on a schedule that will fit your lifestyle, begin researching the truck driving schools that offer what you desire. A key question to consider might be program-length. It is good practice to be cautious of schools promising to have your certification obtained in only a few weeks. Another good question to consider would be how long they have been in business. A sign of a quality school could be their willingness to provide you with their statistics such as employment and graduation percentages. Class size can be very important when it involves receiving quality training. Inquire about staff-to-student ratios, and about their one-on-one training programs. The fewer the students in a classroom, or truck, the more attentive educators will be to answering your questions, and addressing your personal growth.


Pursuing a career in truck driving is sure to be successful and fulfilling. Educating yourself on the important factors to consider when choosing a quality education is crucial to making the first step in pursuing your future with this expanding and exciting field.

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  2. Tim Roth

    Trying to decide on a truck driving school is a difficult task. I have read so many news stories on bad schools it makes me skeptical about where to spend thousands of dollars on truck driver training. Thanks for the information on making a better choice of schools.

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    There are a lot of options for truck driver training. I am worried I will choose one of the schools that is not giving good training and only looking to get my money. If anyone has any suggestions of good schools please post them here.


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