What Do Truck Drivers Earn?

20 Dollar BillAnnually, the trucking industry in the United State transports over nine billion tons of cargo; this implies that about 64 percent of the country’s cargo is handled by these trucking companies. A large number of communities rely solely on trucking for the hauling of their merchandise. An annual revenue of an estimate of about 255 billion dollars is what the trucking generates, with a typical carrier making over 98 million yearly. This is a difficult job considering that the working ratio for these trucking companies is approximately 95.2 percent. Thus, for each dollar earned in revenue, it costs the trucking company 95.2 percent to run. This provides the trucking company a net income of about 4.8 cents per every dollar earned.

Ideally, a truck driver is predicted to drive between 2,000 and 3,000 miles per week based on the seventy hour limitation. A highway trucker drives about 100,000 miles per year on the average. This is the same as driving round the world four times. A truck driver’s salary is not to be taken for granted as the pay check is the greatest bonus for a trucker. A truck driver’s salary is dependent on the following factors namely;

  • ¨     Experience or expertise of the trucker
  • ¨     The location where the truck driver works
  • ¨     Size of trucking company that hires you.

Pay per mile is the commonest method in which truck drivers are compensated. According to statistics by the United States Bureau of Labor, truck drivers earn between 28 and 40 cents per mile, only a few trucking companies pay about 45 cents. On the average, a truck driver’s annual salary is between $32,000 and 64,000. A truck driver with many years of experience and practical ability to transport delicate materials are rewarded with a greater pay. Also, rookie truck drivers earn between 27 cents and 29 cents per mile. Ideally, a rookie driver earns around $28,000 to $36,000 annually. Increase is made in the earnings as soon as the driver proves his worth to the company.

One of the advantages of being compensated per mile is the fact that estimated pay can be monitored easily by the truck driver. Another advantage of pay per mile is the fact that it averages out to a decent hourly wage for truckers. Companies also give bonuses to truck drivers with top mileage. Little contest at work can bring out the best in truckers as it makes them work harder. In this case, both parties win.

One of the drawbacks is the traffic delays that impedes the mileage a truck driver may cover. Additionally, driving in streets reduces the speed of the truck; hence, reducing the mileage a truck driver is to cover. Yet another disadvantage comes from bad climate, which results in slower travel time of truck drivers. Considering the advantages and disadvantages of being compensated per-mile as a trucker out demonstrates there are more benefits than problems. Pay-per-mile truck drivers earn more than drivers that earn hourly or as a salary.

Some indicate the most lucrative truck driver salary will be that of the owner-operator truck driver. He possesses his own truck as well as his trailer. These truckers take all proceeds and are also responsible for insurance coverage, repairs and maintenance. In addition they are also responsible for gas and accommodation unless they intend to remain in the truck. Most drivers would rather work for someone else and maybe not have to cope with the paperwork and expenses, but only drive and earn using the truck driver’s salary scale. There are companies that will spend to train drivers, with many of such drivers having to work for the companies for some period after the completion of the training. These are typically large trucking companies that haul products from coast-to-coast.

Truck driving jobs is in high demand, lucrative and usually comes with add-on such as medical insurance coverage. Most people do not comprehend how significant trucking is and just how much they are directly affected by it.


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